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When a loved one with a well-drafted and property funding trust, passes
away, it is likely that no court-managed administration is necessary,
though the successor trustee needs to administer the distribution of the
deceased’s assets. The length of time needed to complete the trust
administration of an estate depends on the size and complexity of the

Every trust administration is unique, but most involve the following steps:

  • Inventory and appraisal of estate assets by Successor Trustee.
  • Payment of estate debt to rightful creditors.
  • Sale of estate assets if required.
  • Payment of estate taxes, if applicable.
  • Final distribution of assets to heirs.

The Legacy Pathway™

Our Unique Process for Trust Administration
  • Right Fit Conversation

    We take the time to discuss the family dynamic with the Successor Trustee. This helps us decide if we are the Right Fit for each other.

  • The Legacy Review

    We evaluate the decedent’s trust, review the assets of the trust and the decedent and determine if a probate is necessary for your unique situation.

  • The Legacy Launch

    We meet the Successor Trustee to sign initial documents and obtain a new tax identification number for the trust.

  • The Trust Administrator

    The bulk of the work is done during this phase. We complete a number of administrative tasks including, establishing any sub-trust created under the terms of the trust, gathering asset information, obtaining valuations and more.

  • The Inheritance Implementor

    Once all the assets of the trust have been valued and all expenses of administration are paid, we work with the Successor Trustee to compile an accounting, make final distributions, facilitate any tax filings, and close all administrative trust accounts.

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