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We work with business owners to help them successfully exit their businesses, by using the systematic process below to maximize the value they receive when they sell or transfer their businesses, while minimizing the tax consequences.

The Transition Road Map™

Our Unique Process for Business Succession & Transition
  • Right Fit Conversation

    We take the time to get to know you, your family and your business. This helps us decide if we’re the Right Fit for each other

  • The Goal Refiner

    We help you define your goals for the future of your business.

  • The Financial Analyzer

    We help you determine the value of your business and the cash flow generated by your business. This information is essential to a successful business transition plan.

  • The Growth Game Plan

    We help you focus on what you can do to increase the financial viability and stability of your business to ensure your transition plan is successful.

  • The Transition Planner

    We analyze how the transition of your business (to a family member or a third-party) would be structured.

  • The Continuity Guarantee

    We help you consider the implications of the unexpected on your transition plan, such as a death or the loss of key employees-or you. Then we help you create a plan to address these issues before they compromise your plan .

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