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We work with business owners to help them successfully exit their businesses, by using a systematic process to maximize the value they receive when they sell or transfer their businesses, while minimizing the tax consequences. We start with helping owners identify their goals and objectives. This includes when they would like to begin transitioning from their business, their personal financial goals, and whether the business owner would like to transfer the business to a third party or to an insider such as a family member or key employee. Additionally, there may be other objectives that the business owner wishes to achieve, such as taking care of employees.

Our next step is to understand the value of the business within the context of our Exit Plan. It is important for the business owner to understand that the "value" of the business may not equal the amount of cash they take from it.

In our third step, we work to ensure that we preserve as much business value as possible from the grasp of the IRS. We additionally work to promote the value of the business through value drivers. Finally, we work to protect the business value from the grasp of creditors.

Our fourth step depends on the owner’s choice of successor. If selling to a third party, we follow a systematic process. If transferring the business to an insider, we minimize risk by reducing the time that the owner has to carry a note.

Up to this point, our Exit Planning process has focused on moving out of the business. In step five, we spend time making sure that owners and their families benefit from their lives’ work should they die or become disabled prior to their planned exits.

Finally, we put in place the arrangements necessary to make sure that once business owners are out of their business, that the short and long term personal financial goals are achieved and that as much of their wealth as possible is legitimately protected from the IRS.

Exit Planning is a systematic process that requires input from a team of Exit Planning experts. If you would like to learn more, please contact our office, or visit our seminars page to attend the next business exit planning seminar.

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